Redespresso heaveno


Yvonne (JHB sis-in-law) has been telling me for weeks to get my hands on the Redespresso capsules of heaven from Woolworths SA!  Yesterday, I finally did!  And…. it was as heavenly as she said it would be.

I gave up caffeine ten months ago, and initially it was brutal. The detox headaches were intense and for a week or two after I quit, it was absolute torture to smell the scintillating aroma of a coffee anywhere near me – it literally hurt!

But after the side effects subsided and I made peace with my cappu-free new lifestyle, I realised that life without caffeine wasn’t actually that bad.  It was, of course, made much easier thanks to Rooibos!  I probably wouldn’t have survived without my weekly red cappucino.  And now, thanks to Redespresso, I can have my red cappu at home each morning.

Happiness is…


I.R xx



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