A fab morning out for your pups


My hubby doesn’t read magazines much, but somehow when he does he finds absolute gems for us to either make, or try, or go to,  or use and more.  Paging through a trail running mag recently, he found one such gem, with the words “off leash trails for runners and their dogs” immediately grabbing his attention.

Hedianga Farm is based in Pretoria East, just a few kms outside Garsfontein.  It’s very unassuming when you arrive and honestly, didn’t look like much from the car park. But once we’d got ourselves onto the path, it was utterly lovely.  Trail Runners or walkers have the option of a 5km, 10km or 15km trail to choose from.  The paths were excellently marked and the scenery and views were really pretty.  There are intersections where the paths meet the mountain bike paths, so caution must be kept.  They also ask you to abide by the “on leash” and “off leash” times with the on leash times being mainly during busy hours.  We arrived before 7am, so it was quiet and super pleasent without any users at all.  By the time we had finished at 830am-ish, there were a good handful of cars in the parking lot and users on the trails.

Our pups loved the experience of being off leash and hiking gently at our sides, in parts running up hills and down valleys with my Hubby..  Juno, our golden, most especially enjoyed the doggie pool at the end, which I think was actually meant as a water bowl  but she took it as her own personal paddle pool!

Overall a fab experience and a must do for dog lovers and owners with socialised and well-behaved pups.  Was a divine morning out, and didn’t feel like you were only minutes away from the big city.


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